About Spiritbody

Our Spiritbody home in the woods..

As we introduce our new website, I’m reflecting on the history of Homebody-Spiritbody and its community of kindred spirits and fragrance lovers and the continuity we’ve enjoyed for over four decades.

When in 1976 Risa Potters opened Homebody in the delightful little Melrose Avenue cottage, I don’t know if she knew she was creating an institution, a community of people and beloved fragrances which would become much more than the sum of its parts.

Always a sensory delight, the store welcomed countless remarkable women and men who found a place to express their creativity in new and very personal ways, discovering unique and long-lasting fragrance signatures for themselves and their love ones.

Homebody expanded into larger quarters just across the street and found its way into features in W, Los Angeles Magazine (Best of LA), Allure and many other fashion and beauty periodicals. It became not just a cult classic place to meet but a spot for A-list celebrities, all the while maintaining its vision of spirit, creativity and discovery.

All this ultimately transformed into Spiritbody online, the best of Homebody but with the whole world as our neighborhood. And all those remarkable people? Many still shop with us… as do their daughters and granddaughters. We sometimes reminisce about those early beginnings and the life occasions recalled by a special scent; a fragrance resonating with love, the treasured memory of a mother or dear friend, the delight in finding the perfect scent wordlessly introducing us to the world, our own personal fragrance signature.

I hope you enjoy this site. As ever, we’re here to bring people together through the medium of fragrance, to make life more beautiful and perhaps ease, in some way great or small, the stresses of our times. We guarantee all our perfume oils are the genuine, pure original formulas, unchanged since 1976…

Thank you for all these years of beauty, friendship and loyalty!

With joy and every best wish,

Terry Sullivan