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Custom Blended Perfume Oils
Long-lasting, highly concentrated and containing no alcohol or additives, Spiritbody Perfume Oils are a testament to the perfumers' art... unique beauty combined with superb quality. As a single note or designed with a bouquet of scent notes for your own personal signature, Spiritbody blends perfume oils, cologne spray, body care products as well as environmental products for fragrance layering. Glow with an aura of beauty, every day, for every occasion...

Custom Blended Cologne Spray
Use a single Perfume Oil or combine a selection of scents for refreshing and unique spray cologne.

Spiritbody 101 Samples
Curious? Not sure which Perfume Oil to select from all these luscious choices? Have fun with fragrance... Just check off ten scents from the list below and we'll send small tester tubes for you to try. You will also receive a $10.00 rebate on your next order.

Fragrant Body Mist
A mist of this light, alcohol-free fragrance soothes body and spirit anytime you feel like freshening up.

Room & Linen Spray
Keep your environment lovely with your favorite fragrance wafting through the air. And refresh your linens with a mist of your signature scent. Can't get to sleep? Try a spritz of natural Lavender on your pillow for relaxation and, we hope, sweet dreams.