Hand & Body Lotion
Listed in order of skin type, from dry to oily

Vitamins A/D/E Moisturizing Lotion
This is the lotion that made us famous. Super-moisturizing for even the driest skin, it’s the closest thing you can get to a cream with the convenience of a bottle. It’s extraordinarily comforting and nourishing, returning your skin to new softness. Soothe dry, flaky or damaged skin as well as comforting winter-stressed skin. Available scented or, if preferred, Unscented.

Shea Butter Lotion
If your skin is feeling dry, damaged and overwhelmed, then this is the lotion for you! Containing oils from the African Shea Nut, it has extraordinary moisturizing and soothing properties to calm and nourish the most beleaguered skin

Organic Body Lotion
This Certified Organic lotion is moisturizer-rich, super-antioxidant with an exquisite blend of botanicals including therapeutic aloe, mandarin, lavender and verbena. Grapeseed, green tea, vitamins C and E combine with white olive oil, Shea and jojoba for a rich, vegan-friendly luxury lotion.

Aloe Vera Lotion
A great lotion for moisturizing that is light and quick to absorb. It is also a blessing is summer or in warmer climates: mineral-rich, with anti-oxidants, sea algae and aloe vera to soothe and vitamins to seal in moisture.

Elderflower Lotion
As Irish moss and elderflower extracts stimulate and soften, this medium weight lotion is perfect for moderately dry skin or for seasonal transitions. Vitamin B linoleate helps maintain moisture levels for a full 16-hours.

Vitamin Rich Skin Smoother
A light, gossamer lotion for normal to oily skin, high humidity or during the summer months. Natural plant extracts and vitamins hydrate and slow aging by protecting from environmental stressors.

Hand & Body Cream
Shea Hand & Body Intensive
Shea butter has been proven to protect, heal and aid the skin in cell regeneration. This therapeutic cream is a treatment for depleted, chapped, troubled skin. Ultra-rich, It also contains anti-oxidant green tea extract, vitamins, chamomile and softening soy. This product will noticeably improve the texture and suppleness of your skin. Fragrance-free.

Bath & Shower
Bath & Shower Gel
This is our classic bath and shower product enriched with soothing aloe, calendula and comfrey, mineral-rich sea kelp and alfalfa. Feel clean, refreshed and hydrated. Choose from the spectrum of colors below.

Creamy Body Wash
It washes! It shampoos! It moisturizes! It’s a unique creamy body wash and shampoo combination. Just wash, shampoo (detangles and adds shine to dry, curly or color-treated hair) and let it work together with ambient moisture and humidity to reveal soft, silky skin and hair after the first use. It contains botanical wonders, white tea, and rejuvenating Shea butter, jojoba and olive oils to protect against premature aging.

Head-to-Toe Body Wash
At home, the gym or traveling, this has got to be one of the world’s best and most convenient body care products….Shampoo your hair and wash the rest of you while clarifying and toning. Washes away hair product build-up and makes skin feel smooth and fresh.

Girlie Girl Bubble Bath
Never drying with wonderfully mild and rich coconut oil, enjoy mountains of bubbles in the tub. What is more fun, relaxing and romantic than a bubble bath?

Aloe Vera Shave Gel

Comfort your skin with soothing yarrow and aloe. Non-greasy moisturizers including wheat protein and horsetail extract condition, protect, soften. Rosemary and birch leaf bring natural toning and antiseptic properties to this comforting gel. Color: deep, clear green.

Exfoliating Body Wash
Feel radiantly alive, your skin smooth and soft. Granulated natural walnut shells cleanse and exfoliate; cocoa butter, avocado oil, panthenol and chamomile soften; honey and glycerin seal in moisture. You’ll feel fabulous.

Massage Lotions & Oils

Massage Lotion
Ease the body and soothe the spirits with this creamy lotion. Its oil-rich formula absorbs slowly for a sustained, luxurious massage, It is a splendid carrier for fragrance or can be Unscented.

Sweet Almond Oil

Pure, light and cold-pressed from California almonds, this oil is rich in anti-oxidant vitamin E. Classic soothing and smoothing for massage, it leaves the skin soft and moisturized; and can be scented or Unscented. A wonderful way to seal in moisture après shower too.

Sunflower & Shea Massage Oil

This Certified Organic oil is an exceptional moisturizer proven to improve skin tone and texture. Delivering control and grip, it provides an extraordinary massage experience, lasting and penetrating. Can also be used after the shower to soften and smooth. Great Unscented or with a fragrance.